Happy Love Day!

You may feel ambivalent about such a holiday and I get it. If nothing else, I love to think about it as a reminder to me that I want to prioritize love in small, significant ways– every day.

What if took back ownership of how and when we love? Celebrate love in all the little ways it reveals itself in each moment. 

If you are new to my work, you may not know that I find hearts–not just one day a year. They are everywhere and so Love Day feels like a constant thread in my life in the best way.

I find hearts in the soap in the shower, in the cereal at breakfast, in the leaves at the park– even the residue of bubbles in a glass. (Curious? Check out some of my latest findings here on my IG page.)

How do you see and feel love? And very importantly, how have you been loving yourself lately?

So often you may feel a push as the year turns and then a fizzle as mid-February hits.

Maybe the practices you started at the beginning of the year– to add more love and joy have been long forgotten with the first snowstorm, grey skies or turn of the first month.

I’m letting this day and month– be a time to practice new self-care routines.

Taking a longer inhale into the questions “what feels like love?” and let Love Day be a gentle reminder of what matters to me– not what the world tells me I should focus on.

If you are looking for some ideas for Love Day — today or any day– here are a few ideas:

Love is always here –everywhere in fact– and a choice we can make for ourselves in each moment. 

I adore you and send you all the most delicious love on this day (and every day!!).

Love always,