Last week I snuggled up in bed and put on one of my favorite summer guilty pleasures– America’s Got Talent. 

I love the silliness. The ridiculous. The raw talent and aspiration. The humanity.
You can find it all when humans are chasing a dream. Using their unique gifts and getting vulnerable with being seen.

Fun times. Train wrecks. All of it.

So when a woman came on stage without shoes- I paid attention.

Mandy Harvey was a music major in college when she went deaf. She lost all sound connection to the world. Or so most of us would think.

She uses her feet to feel into the vibrations of the world. Of sound. Of music.

And she is amazing. Click here to view her audition video— she wrote and sang her own original music!!

I thought about all the times I’ve used an excuse not to go after what I really want in life. When it was hard. When I didn’t know what to do next. When no one was supporting me.

We want it to be easy — the climb, the reach, the goal. And yet, if it’s too easy– will we really savor the journey, the valleys, and the “the” peak?

What is it that you really really really want? I invite you to take off your shoes and feel into it.  What does your soul, your body, the earth and the collective energy of us all want you to hear?

Today, listen. 

Let life be your guide.