Hello December. Wow, I think many of us never thought you’d get here. And now that you are here– not sure exactly what to make of you.

​The happiest part of this wacky last month of 2020 is the gift of a slower holiday. Less jamming of all the things and more quiet reflection and sparkly lights in my living room.

Speaking of slowing down, my husband has been dealing with a pretty painful bout of plantar fasciitis the past few months and in his quest for pain relief– he’s pretty much willing to try anything.


This week’s experiment— a foot sock you wear overnight that keeps your toes looking upward.

The promise of this particular device (besides waking him up at 2:30am in more discomfort)?

In 18 days, it promises relief.

It got me thinking.


Would you wade through 18 nights of possible pain in order to find relief on the other side?


Most of us wouldn’t. Well, we’d try it– but would we really stay the course of 18 whole days?

​We don’t usually choose the longer end game of what we want when confronted with leaning in to the discomfort first.

Even, if there was a 100% guarantee (which of course, there’s not).

We are creatures of our habits.

We use our skepticism to decline change.

We choose comfort over courage most times (this is one of my fav references to a Brene Brown quote).

It’s the same with coaching.

Yes, we really want the results.

Especially when we are swimming in pain.

But our skepticism, our fear of more pain and our dislike of change— are all rooting against us.


It’s why a different part of us needs to step in.

The part of us that knows what we want is on the other side of where we are and is willing to get help (foot sock or coaching in this case) because the rewards are immense.

You can create results in as short as 18 days.

My coaching has done it over and over again with clients facing all sorts of different mid-life meltdowns (job changes, marriage doubts, spiritual awakenings).

I’d love to be your uncomfortable foot sock….. and help you move through the pain, the uncertainty and the questions—– to find the place on the other side. The place where the pain takes you– but doesn’t keep you stuck there.

Let’s talk about your next 18 days— because I’ve got the perfect thing — and I 92% promise it won’t wake you up at 2:30am 😉