Welcome to episode 6 of Everyday Enchantment!

Ever felt pressure to get your body “summer-ready”? You are not alone. This time of year, many of us turn to exercise to make our bodies do and be a certain way for swimsuit season. It’s not particularly fun– nor does it usually work. There is another way to approach exercise and moving our bodies and Kelly Backert of Kore Bootcamps and Kore Barre & Yoga is here to chat with me all about ditching the ‘hard way’ in favor of making our relationship with movement loving and supportive instead.

In this episode, Kelly and I get real about the messages we are inundated with about how our bodies should be — and we share real life examples of what we’ve both done over the years to heal our relationships with our bodies in order to reclaim our personal sovereignty. Join us for this juicy conversation about all the pressures we feel– the choices we make to try and conform and how ditching what the world teaches can be the first step to feeling freer, more peaceful and more at home in our bodies, at every size.

Kelly is passionate about body love and helping us all find the place where we remember we are enough– without a grueling exercise plan that doesn’t feel like love or the inner critic pushing us along even against what feels good and true for us.

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If you are ready to ditch the pressure, the shoulds and the mean-bully inside your head, come get coached by Stacey. All info can be found at her website at Coach with Stacey. And if you’d like to work with Kelly via personal training or one of her studios, please contact her at korebootcamps@gmail.com. Check out Kore Bootcamps and Kore Barre & Yoga for membership info and all upcoming programs.



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