Welcome to episode #33 of Everyday Enchantment!

For most of my life, people have been telling me I’m too sensitive, too emotional, too connected to the world around me. And yet, as I got older I realized that those parts of me were directly tied to my intuitive gifts. Gifts that showed up when I was very young and gifts that the people around me didn’t understand. For much of my earlier life, I kept those gifts a secret (using them only in safe spaces with myself or a few close loved ones).

In today’s episode, I share when I first started reading energy and how my family responded to that revelation (I was quite young– under 10). And how you too can re-connect to those gifts you’ve had since you were born even if you don’t remember yourself back then. It’s ok– you can tap into your talents right now in this moment.

We all walk the planet with intuition—most of us haven’t ever intentionally used it. Instead, we feel it, sense it sometimes and follow it in moments when it doesn’t want to be ignored. However, how do you become more clear in what it is and how to use it? Today, Stacey’s going to share with you some practical ways to be more intentional and aware of your gifts and how to expand it just like you would a new exercise to strengthen a muscle you rarely think about it.

Because once you start strengthening your intuition– you’ll find it is a portal to more clarity, more ease and a whole lot more FUN in your life.

More about Stacey: Stacey offers spiritual mentoring for quietly ambitious women who seek to hone their gifts, step more fully into their calling, and have a global impact with their work.  Work with Stacey 1:1 in her Leap of Faith program and join Stacey’s private FB group, Everyday Enchantment, where she shares tips and ideas for expanding your intuitive gifts, creating more impact with your work in the world and HAVING FUN in the process.



About Everyday Enchantment

Everyday Enchantment is a podcast for intuitive beings ready to create more ease and joy in their daily lives. Learn how to tap into an underdeveloped superpower we all have—enchantment. Hosted by Master Coach and Intuitive Stacey Andon, this show is for every person curious how they can expand their intuitive gifts without making it complicated or skipping over the being human part of life. Join Stacey each week for stories, lively conversations and juicy bits of intuitive wisdom that will get you inspired and reconnected with your life’s own magic.