Welcome to episode # 24 of Everyday Enchantment!

At what point do you know when it is time to make a big change in your life? A divorce, a marriage, a new job, a new city. Those types of life events can un-rattle even the calmest of us and make us wonder whether we are making the ‘right’ decision. Have you ever found yourself going back and forth— trying to decide but wondering how you actually know it’s right for you? Sleepless nights, anxious days— there is a way to connect with the powerful decision maker within you.

In today’s episode, Stacey shares a personal story about her first marriage and when she knew it was time to get divorced. It was messy– like all human things are— but she offers several strategies for how you can meet the fear you are feeling and get clear about what is in your heart. Our brains are going to have lots of resistance to making any type of change and Stacey has some real-life simple ways to meet yourself in that moment– without letting your head lead the way.

Maybe you aren’t thinking about a huge life change right now— even still, these tips can help you make decisions with more clarity and ease today, with whatever is in your life.

More about Stacey: Stacey is a Master Life Coach & Intuitive who works with coaches, healers & entrepreneurs. Ditch trying to figure your life out– your client’s lives out by using formulas, rules and the best ‘shoulds’ on the planet—- find the easier way forward. As a life and business coach, she teaches you how to be the change agent you know you are inside by coming back in to your own set of intuitive superpowers (oh yes, this is so much fun!!).

She calls this Everyday Enchantment and she wants you to know how easy it is for you to use these simple principles and practices to create these same results in your own life. Come join her free, FB group, Everyday Enchantment, where she shares tips and wisdom on the daily (including oracle card readings and other fun methods of intuitive magic).

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About Everyday Enchantment

Everyday Enchantment is a podcast for intuitive beings ready to create more ease and joy in their daily lives. Learn how to tap into an underdeveloped superpower we all have—enchantment. Hosted by Master Coach and Intuitive Stacey Andon, this show is for every person curious how they can expand their intuitive gifts without making it complicated or skipping over the being human part of life. Join Stacey each week for stories, lively conversations and juicy bits of intuitive wisdom that will get you inspired and reconnected with your life’s own magic.