Stacey OverweightFor me, it was changing my life from the inside out.

For years, I looked outside myself for the answers to fix my issues— my weight, my marriage, my wading around in a mediocre life.

At my heaviest as pictured here– I wanted a quick fix. Well, in all honesty, this is still my go-to response. However, I recognize it now and sit with why I think I need an immediate result. Lots of interesting insights come up when you sit still and ask.

For my weight, the work to lose it felt like an insurmountable task that would never end and would be the most tedious, dreadful focus of my life. Ugh– with that feeling, it’s no wonder I waited years avoiding it.

For the record, it was at times tedious. I had to show up for myself every day— that commitment can feel daunting at first and even now it’s not always what I “feel” like doing (some days sitting on the couch rather than moving my body is what I feel like I want).

I read something by Brooke Castillo recently that helped me change this conversation. She encouraged us to ask ourselves “what do you want vs how do you feel in the moment”? — Because I may not feel like spin class, but I want to move my body. Why? Because I want to be able to have a healthy god-pod that supports my active lifestyle for the rest of my life.

And yet going inward — to learn how to trust myself, my body, my intuition — was the best slow process ever.

Are you getting up each morning– dreading the day? Do you have the same conversations with yourself every day about diet and exercise and nothing changes? I was in that place– for probably about 10 years. And during that decade, I would layer huge amounts of guilt and shame on top of why I wasn’t changing. How could I want something so bad and nothing happened? I felt like a huge failure- to the outside world. But even more importantly to myself.

And I now know a better way. I am about to start a new BARE program that teaches you the tools to deconstruct your old behaviors, your heavy thoughts — in order to fall in love (fall in love with you!). Because life is sweeter– healthier– and happier— with love.

Contact me to find out more about BARE and how it can unlock a whole new world of being.

Don’t wait 10 years like I did– it’s right here, right now for you.