So, a few months’ back, my home phone rings at 3 am. Who calls anyone on their home phone anymore—let alone at 3 am? My Lover (yes, that is his nickname) answers it and gets dead air. Hanging up, we are both perplexed by this number from California. 2 minutes later, it rings again. And 5 minutes later, again. By that time, we decided for our sanity and desire for sleep, we would take the phone off the hook (yes again, things that I haven’t done in at least 15 years!).

The following night, the phone rings again—same time, same spiel. Ok, now I was getting mad—who in the heck is calling us? By this time, we were sharing our frustration with the other end of the phone line, but still nothing. After a 3rd night, we got smart and blocked the number. Done, right?

Nope. 2 nights later, the phone rings again—same thing– middle of the night, dead air on the other side, new number. We were beside ourselves — -several expletives could have been heard if anyone else was awake in our neighborhood. Not only was I getting interrupted from my sleep – a terrible thing to witness—but who was this person trying to get our attention?

And then, out of the clear blue the next morning, it dawned on me. This was my wake up call— I was no longer going to be able to sleep my way through playing it safe. Nope. It was time and the Universe was calling to tell me so. As someone who is a die-hard planner, I already had been nurturing my desire to become a life coach. But also true to my nature, I am a cautious leaper. I like to have all the facts and plans well established to help ease my fears in my head (Am I sure? Is this the right thing to do? Am I strong enough to ignore other people’s judgment of my decision?).

And in that moment, I realized — it is impossible to plan for anything other than right now. And right now was telling me it’s time. My intuition, the core of me—knew. And you know what? We never received another call after I had that epiphany.

The Universe talks to us in so many ways. Sends us messengers to get out attention. Are you listening? Sometimes I’m not. And when I don’t, the Universe tends to turn up the volume on the message. This volume adjustment is usually more painful than if I had listened early on. Obviously, it believed I needed a very loud, attention getting wake up call in that moment.

Snuggle up close to your life and listen. Get curious and ask the Universe what it wants to share with you. And then wait (yes, that’s the hardest part). What small signs do you see and hear? What stands out to you and has your attention? Maybe it’s the tiniest whisper of something you desire deep, deep down or something you know you want to change . . . funny how when we look back at these types of things, the signs can seem so obvious. And yet, I still needed a middle-of-the-night, jump you out of bed call in order to make sure I heard my message.

Need help listening closely? I can help with that. Send me a message and let’s chat.