Have you ever felt the desire to collapse into a nap and let the rest of your day fall away? The desire to be finished with everything on our to-do lists.

Not just for today, but for, forever?  

I recently discovered a very interesting aspect of my perfectionist tendencies. The very idea that something could be perfect– means it is finished. For good.

I secretly crave the end. I want the forever done. 

If I was perfect in maintaining my weight, I’d be done.
If I was perfect in building my business, I’d be done.
If I was perfect in my relationship, I’d be done.
If I was perfect as a writer, I’d be done.

There’s a slick belief lurking in my mind that done equals being allowed to rest. To breathe in stillness. To release all expectations of the doing and the focus on what’s next.

That until I get to done, I can’t allow myself to be enough. To be worthy of exceptional self-love & care. 

That has been a huge sticky thought carrying me through my days.

What if instead we played with the idea that the point is not to be done? 

Maybe the point is to be here– in this moment, with whatever we bring, however we are, and with permission to breathe now because that outside target is always a moving one.

That there is actually is no done– because it’s always about here in this moment and nothing else. 

How does that feel? For me, it tastes like peace and freedom. And maybe even an afternoon nap 😉