This week I was jamming in my Love Is Everywhere FB group about exceptional living.

How do you define exceptional? 

Gut check— are you living exceptionally– right now, here today?

If yes, WOOHOO!

What is that yes all about?

  • Maybe it’s the morning cup of special coffee in a home-made mug from a friend 
  • Maybe it’s the delicious smelling bath salts you use in your soak
  • Maybe it’s choosing friends that support you and love you— not despite your flaws but rather with all of who you are
  • Maybe its saying no to things that really are no’s in your heart (and not layering guilt on for such actions) 
  • Maybe it’s savoring a sunset or the fireflies or a new trail you’ve just discovered that runs along a winding stream 

Notice the things that help you define exceptional.
Be intentional.

When choosing how to spend your days, ask “does this add to my life and what I want to create?”. 

This requires a level of honesty with oneself and also bravery. 

Bravery to go a different way. To Frank Sinatra it (“do it my way”). 

To stand in the space that may feel uncomfortable because other people may or may not get it (and that’s ok– they have their lives to make the choices that work for them). 

If you said no to my question above, what if we started there with curiosity? How do you define an exceptional life and where are the gaps between that definition for you and the way you create each day? 

Is there tiny teeny thing you could start doing (or stop) that would move you toward exceptional. 

Many of us have spent time surviving life. 
Being in a place where getting through was the core objective. 
We may bring residual survival thoughts or actions to today (even if we no longer need to be in that energy space). 

I’ve been there– many times. 

And I also know I don’t have to stay there indefinitely.

I can challenge myself to thrive. 
I can challenge myself when I say “that’s just the way it is” or “that’s just the way it’s going to be”.

What if that is not true?

What if we have more power than we our minds can comprehend?

What if thinking and overthinking is not the lube we need to create what we most desire?

Instead, we ask our hearts, our souls. Our love lube. 

What does it say? 

Are we brave enough to listen and act upon those knowings? 

Maybe you’ve been told you can’t or you shouldn’t so many times that you believe it. 

I’m here to disrupt that mindset. 

To kick us all beyond our comfort zones in order to align with what we truly want– for us and the planet. 

We can do it.
Let’s start today.
Are you in? 

Committing to exceptional living with a dose of love lube, 

PS.  There are some powerful tiny steps you can take to nurture a life exceptional— set up some time to jam together and I’d love to support you.