You know that moment– when you look around at your life— and you secretly admit to yourself “this doesn’t feel right anymore” or maybe you question “is this really who I am & then cringe to yourself ‘no, it’s not””.

These moments– where everything that we’ve created suddenly feels off— can invite us into a very dark space of death and uncertainty. As beautiful and transcendent as these moments can be— the messy middles of transformation can be some of the rockiest waters to navigate.

So many spiritual voices talk about the beauty of being reborn– of shedding the selves that no longer serve us—- however, when it’s happening — it can feel like you’ve been dunked under dark murky waters without a breathe, without a path and you may wonder how you’re really going to get yourself through to another side.

Today, Stacey welcomes Essence Turner who is no stranger to leaning in to the experiences of spiritual and metaphorical death on this planet. A powerful healer, Essence shares her biggest journeys with death and rebirth and offers insights that not only helped her along the way, but can serve as breadcrumbs on your own journey.

Listen in as Stacey and Essence talk about:

  • the role of self-forgiveness in allowing yourself to change and let go (the most intense f-word out there)
  • how death and rebirth have their own unique timelines (and how to interpret and work with them)
  • the process of radical honesty (and processing feelings around your truths) that can lead the way forward
  • the places during these transformations where you can get stuck (and what to do instead)

More About Essence: Essence Turner is the CEO of Beautiful Happy Goddess. She’s a Certified Radical Forgiveness Coach, Certified Shamanic Healer, Certified Hypnotherapist, and a Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Connect with her ⁠on Instagram⁠ and ⁠TikTok⁠, plus check out her latest offerings ⁠at her website⁠.

More about Stacey: Stacey is an intuitive (yup, psychic) coach and a channel for healing who wants to invite you to be part of the practical magic that is shifting this planet through messy, human-soulful love. If you want to work with Stacey —- especially if you are curious how you can step more fully into your soul’s calling and have global impact with your, check out Stacey’s 1:1 Leap of Faith program. If you want your own psychic reading, email Stacey. And if you want to part of the practical magic on the daily, join Stacey’s private free FB group, Everyday Enchantment, where she shares tips and ideas for expanding your intuitive gifts, creating more impact with your work in the world and HAVING FUN in the process.



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