Turn your stress and overwhelm into calm.

Access your own inner guidance system with my step-by-step guide to creating a tool that will take you from stressed and over-analyzing to calm, connected, and inspired.

With my Circle of Magic system, you'll create a customized tool you can use again and again to reduce worry, stress, and anxiety -- and stop laying awake at night agonizing over the "right" thing to do.

In four easy steps, you'll be on your way to tapping into your most powerful inner guidance system -- your intuition!

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Begin your journey to connection and inspiration with my Circle of Magic creation guide.

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    Stacey Andon

    Transformational Life & Biz Coach, Master-Certified

    Who am I?

    I am a Master-Certified Life Coach who loves to support clients in beautiful and often messy spaces of growth and transformation with sacred soul practices.

    I am passionate about helping you discover your inner wisdom and transform your life using the power of your intuition.

    As an expert in intuitive soulwork, I bring my gifts and healing energy to support you in living a life that truly feels like you won the life-lottery.