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Want to make real, lasting changes in your life,
but don’t know how?
I can help you create a life you love.

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You’ve tried goal setting, but you don’t make significant progress. You make resolutions every year, believing this year will be different, but a few months go by and you’re doing the same things in your life without any real lasting changes.

When your eyes open in the morning, you know you’re getting up for more of the same. You’re riddled with obligations to other people.

I’m here to tell you: You’re not broken. There’s nothing wrong with you. You just need a guide.

Discover an easier way to create what you most want.

I have some great news for you. Creating a life you love is simpler than you think.

I know you’re searching for something better — something that makes you feel alive.

Lots of people go through exactly this. They start feeling empty and lost, searching for real meaning in their lives and journey to a place of joy and purpose.

It’s not just for the special, chosen few. YOU can feel like that, too!

Creating a life you love doesn’t only happen to a few people. It all comes down to a few trouble areas that are sabotaging your ability to make lasting change and create real happiness for yourself.

The Create a Life You Love Masterclass Series can show you how.

Hi. I’m Stacey, master life transformation coach.
And I’ve been where you are.

Fifteen years ago I hated my life.

In fact, I spent most of my time hiding from my life because I tried goals and resolutions and therapists and nothing created any change.

I used to hit the snooze button each morning because I’d rather stay under my covers and snuggle with my dogs than go out and face the world. I didn’t sleep well, I spent a lot of my time alone so I didn’t have to pretend how happy I was when I wasn’t, and I poured all of my time and energy into working so I could avoid having to face the truth of my unhappiness.

I felt like I was going through the motions of my life — doing things that other people thought were important — but it always felt like a part of me was dead inside.

I really thought nothing would ever change.

Fast forward to the present moment when I wake up most mornings with a big YES to my day! I am doing work I love, I have nourishing self-care practices, and I love my close relationships.

I wish I had known back then there was a different way so I didn’t spend so much time being anxious, stressed and unhappy. That’s why my work is dedicated to helping people find their joy, create their best lives, and be happier every day.

“I can honestly say, Stacey introduced me to MY TRUE SELF….and I really like her!”

Susan Letschin

Introducing the Create a Life You Love Masterclass Series

The Create a Life You Love Masterclass Series was created for people just like you. This series is designed to make it easy to discover what you most want in life, implement feel-good ways to help you create it and know what to do when you get off track

I know that you want easy, manageable ways to make intentional changes that will help you create more of what you love and less of what you don’t. To support that desire, the Series is comprised of 8 individual online courses that are 4-weeks in length, focused on intention, speaking your truth, confronting your fears, and finding peace.

In each class, you will

  • have 4 online group sessions with me, a Master-Certified Life Coach
  • receive a guided meditation and weekly emails to support your changes
  • have access to a supportive and flourishing community
  • lifetime access to the class recordings and materials

Here’s the masterclass topics and schedule

Class 1: Live with Intention (Starts March 3)

The first class in the series is all about living with intention. You will:

  • Identify what you truly want in life
  • Create a daily intentional practice that feels like peace and freedom
  • Release the things you don’t want in your life anymore

This class begins March 3, 2020.

Class 2: Befriend Your Fears

The second class in the series is all about changing your relationship with your fears. You will:

  • Get to know what fears lurk beneath the surface of your life that could be holding you back
  • Learn to acknowledge your fears without staying stuck inside of them
  • Create and sustain change even when your fears are present

This class begins April 7, 2020. Want just this class? Click here.

Class 3: Detox Your Environment

The third class in the series is all about creating an environment around you that you love. You will:

  • Get clear about what you love in your environment and what you don’t 
  • Learn the connection between your environment, your thoughts and your joy 
  • Take small actionable steps to curate an environment you love

This class begins May 5, 2020. Want just this class? Click here.

Class 4: Make Peace with Time

The fourth class in the series is all about changing your relationship with time. You will:

  • Discover how your mindset may be keeping you ‘too busy’ and what to do about it
  • Learn tools to build a more balanced relationship with time and your energy rhythms 
  • Create changes in your life that will honor your time and feel expansive 

This class begins June 2 , 2020. Want just this class? Click here.

Class 5: Awaken Your Intuition

The fifth class in the series is all about connecting more powerfully to your intuition. You will:

  • Discover how to connect to your intuition through easy to-do exercises 
  • Learn how to unlock powerful signs that all are around you 
  • Learn how to trust your intuition during times of question or challenge 

This class begins September 1, 2020. Want just this class? Click here.

Class 6: Speak Your Truth

The sixth class in the series is all about authenticity and the power of your truth. You will:

  • Get compassionately curious about places in your life where you feel you are hiding or holding in a truth
  • Learn loving ways to be more open and honest in how you feel, what you want to do and how you choose to live your life 
  • Learn how to navigate when other people don’t get it or judge you for speaking your truths

This class begins October 6, 2020. Want just this class? Click here.

Class 7: Create Your Own Self-Care Kit

The seventh class in the series is all about creating daily self-care practices to support you during the holiday season and beyond. You will:

  • Discover why self-care practices are essential to your best life 
  • Learn how to make self-care easy and do-able 
  • Create a beautiful toolbox of resources, rituals and play that nurture you during the most stressful times and equally during your best days 

This class begins November 2*, 2020. Want just this class? Click here.

*First class will be held on a Monday as November 3, 2020 is Election Day.

Class 8: Close Your Year

The eighth and last class in the series is all about intentionally honoring the end of 2020. You will:

  • Reflect with love and curiosity on your experiences of 2020 
  • Learn tools to deepen your reflections and allow for insight and wisdom to come forward
  • Learn how to navigate and nurture the end of the year, the holidays and anything else that could be getting in your way of more ease this month 

This class begins December 1*, 2020. Want just this class? Click here.

*This class will be 3 classes only (December 1st, 8th and 15th, 2020) 

Creating a life you love doesn’t have to be hard

The techniques and guidance you will receive in this Series takes the guesswork out of finding your true path. 

As you continue through the classes, you will discover a life you only dreamed of, complete with a skip in your step and a smile on your face. You will feel free to be your true self and know how to support yourself as you continue your life’s journey.

The Create a Life You Love Masterclass Series can make that happen for you.

When you know what you truly want, getting it becomes easier.

When you know how to create magical things in your life, achieving your wildest dreams becomes possible.

When you’re using proven tools to support yourself, finding joy in the everyday becomes normal.

Are you ready to create a life you love?

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