for smart, savvy beings feeling

mid-life stuck

Hello Beloved

I see you.

You are dancing around some truths.

Trying to convince yourself that your life is good enough.

Or that you aren’t on the verge of a melt-down.

It’s okay.

I’m going to hold the safest space for you right now— because a meltdown, big or small, is the miracle you’ve been ready for.

Begin by allowing yourself to feel your truth.

To speak it out loud.


I am not happy anymore.

I’ve checked a lot of boxes that I thought would satisfy me– but really? Is this all there is? 

I want to change my world but I don’t know how. 

I know there’s something more for me– maybe it’s a new job, new city, new relationship? 

I’m exhausted so I just keep going, hoping something will change in the future. 

Maybe I lost my chance at something better a long time ago. 

I feel like I don’t have the time or money to find my new happiness. 


Allowing yourself to think and feel truthfully can be very uncomfortable.


Because we have been taught to avoid our discomforts, even when they are our truths.

We were taught to keep going, be positive and focus on what is right.


Being truthful with how you feel isn’t being ungrateful.

It isn’t denying the beautiful things in your life.


Feeling stuck

Feeling restless

Feeling tired

Feeling disenchanted


They are little pieces of information. Like a nudge when you’ve drifted too far off course.

And not the course someone else created for you– but rather, the course that your soul knows.

A course that wants to lead you back home.


Imagine feeling profound joy & freedom when you wake up each morning 

Imagine becoming a powerful decision-maker instead of compromising your wants & desires  

Imagine truly accepting and loving on yourself,  no matter what job, relationship or life circumstance you encounter 



and the permission
to seek those things

Learn How to Create a Life of Enchantment

Meet yourself where you are, including any trauma you’ve experienced in your past

Allow your meltdown to be a miracle instead of a slow slog of stuckness 

Discover how to listen and trust your intuition so you can create the life of your wildest dreams


Instead of waiting for the ‘perfect’ moment, create it now in this moment.

My expertise brings you results

Learn how to use compassionate curiosity to create change

Use your intuitive gifts to make confident choices

Discover how to befriend your fears & make them your strongest allies

Create a meaningful self-love practice that expands your happiness

Become the leader of your own life & share this leadership in new ways in the world

Learn how to use enchantment for enterprenurial success 

The Coaching Experience:

  • A customized package with weekly or bi-weekly 1:1 call
  • Email coaching as needed during regular business hours; get incredible support between sessions
  • Guided meditations and oracle card messages to open up your intuitive channels
  • Long distance Reiki to support your energetic shifts during the coaching process
  • Additional ideas for independent work including practical practice and customized reading/multi-media recommendations
  • Lots of other delicious surprises to delight and support you
  • The most popular program ranges from $4,000-$6,000
Transformational Life and Business Coach Stacey Andon

I help smart, savvy beings like you create from the question

“How good am I willing to let it get?”

“Stacey, you see love everywhere. You can look straight into the heart of a person and help them unlock quiet courage to ignite their dreams.”

-Ray DePaola

Here’s what you can expect from working with me:

  • A safe container to support healing and the messiness of transformation
  • A new self-concept that aligns with who you want to be; see how easy it is to create results with this new concept
  • Intuitive guidance to help you access your inner wisdom to make clear decisions
  • The ability to release the obstacles holding you back from your bravest, boldest life
  • Loving, confident energy that will elevate and energize you
  • Tools and strategies from an expert that you’ll be able to use forever to create a life (and business) you LOVE
“Sitting with Stacey is sitting with your best friend who seems to know everything.”

-Richard Wilmore

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