Intuitive Coaching

for magical beings who want a life

full of ease, fun and freedom

Hello Magical Being

I see you.

You’ve got a good life.

Maybe you’ve been through a meltdown or two– and you feel changed for the better.

You started listening to your inner voice— you began exploring energy and intuition.

And something magical within you sparked.

You felt turned on– alive—-enchanted by these things that most of the world ignores.

But you also felt cautious.

How do I know these things are real?

Oracle messages, inner knowings, spirit guides.


But each time you trusted yourself, you took a leap of intuitive faith– you noticed something.

Life felt easier.

Things would ‘magically seem to happen’ or work out so much better than planned.

You wonder– can this be my life?

Can it be this easy?

The short answer is YES.


and the permission
to seek those things

My 4-ish Step Process for Creating More Ease in Life or Business

(think hours each week for fun, rest, play)

I work with both individuals and entrepreneurs who are ready to ditch the old exhaustive way of creating a life they want to wake up to– because when you create that way, let’s be real—you are too exhausted to really enjoy the amazing results you’ve created.

Imagine going from feeling trapped by the choices you’ve already made to confidently making choices that feel like you– choices that create more peace in your life immediately.

And I say 4-ish steps because I don’t use formulas for my clients— I use all my coaching, energy and intuitive mastery to custom design a program meant soully, ok ok solely, for you.

Step 1: We begin with getting curious about where you are right now. It’s like taking yourself on a few get-to-know-you dates that are full of insight, butterflies and fun (and I really do mean fun). Things to ponder– What do I look forward to when I wake up each morning (what am I dreading)? How frequently do I use my intuition/gut on a daily basis? What rules do I have for living my life (are they working for me)? The best part of this step, and all the steps– there are no right or wrong answers.

Step 2: Next, we get curious about what you want if you really could have anything (spoiler alert- you can). Do you want a 3-day work week? Do you want to travel 3 months of the year? Do you want to write a novel and ditch the day job? Naming your desires gives them form and clarity (even if a part of you doesn’t yet believe they are possible, that’s ok– that part will come). Here is the space where you will begin to use what you already have within you (many call it gut instinct, intuition, heart knowings) to reconnect with the truth of your desires.

Step 3: This step is about leaning in to what’s possible and exploring what may be in the way. Being in this space will probably bring up questions and kick around some old fears– we will explore all of that together. Throw in an obstacle or two around things that get in the way of trusting your path and your intuition and you’ve got Step 3. Here will be a safe space to work through all of it in a way that feels easy and light.

Step 4: Lastly, we play in what I call Integration Mode. This is where all the pieces come together and you get to take steps aligned with your desires and fueled by your intuition. You’ll feel like you are beginning to remember who you really are. You will easily be able to make decisions that feel right to you without asking everyone you know for their opinion. You’ll have more time for that fun weekend you’ve been craving & you may even wonder “why didn’t I do this sooner?!!” but of course you’ll remember divine timing and trust now was the perfect time. You wake up confident that whatever comes today, you’ll know exactly how to navigate it and as such you are excited by the beginning of this new day and the fun you will create with it.

A note to entrepreneurs: Are you on the brink of exhaustion trying to figure out the secret formula for your success by trying everyone else’s formulas? Learn how to build a business that makes space for rest and play and creates the results you crave.


Intuitive Coaching is For You IF: 

  • You want to create more freedom and peace in your life, no matter is happening around you
  • You want to have more fun & ease creating what you want, your way (laugh + rest your way to a life that would have felt nearly impossible 10 years ago!! )
  • You want to learn how to make clear and confident decisions instead of second-guessing yourself at every turn & asking everyone else what you should do
  • You already use your intuition and are ready to expand it in ways that blow your own mind!!!


My Signature Coaching Program:

  • 4 Months of Intuitive Life or Business Coaching $4400
  • 3, 60-minute virtual sessions each month; 12 sessions total
  • Email coaching as needed during regular business hours
  • Intuitive Quantum Enchantment during sessions (and between)– this can look like energy healing, soul meditation and channeled messages from your spirit guides right to you
  • Ideas for independent work including practical practice and customized reading/multi-media recommendations
  • Additional customized programs upon discussion

Have questions not answered here? Please email me at and we can chat about #allthethings.

How to Get Started:

The first step of this process is to book a stand alone Starter Session to get your very own taste of coaching with me (like ordering a tasting plate before you order the whole entree). The Starter Session is a 60 minute pure-coaching (no-sales) session for you to explore one aspect of your intuition and how it can help you right now to help you make something easier in your life. The investment is $297 and you’ll walk away with practical next steps (even if you don’t choose to coach together further). If you love this experience and want more then we’ll talk the details of my 4 month program.

Transformational Life and Business Coach Stacey Andon

Create your desires with ease, grace & flow

“Stacey, you can look straight into the heart of a person and help them unlock quiet courage to ignite their dreams.”

-Ray DePaola

What’s to love about coaching with me (besides everything):

  • It’s going to get real (as in honest) and fun (as in laughter) while we work together — like the best brunch date ever, with a fairy godmother who loves the f-word
  • It will feel safe to explore and pratice EVERYTHING that comes up during your sessions and in-between our times together; safety is key to expanding your intuition 
  • This isn’t a thinly veiled attempt to get you to work more– in fact, you may fall in love with taking naps as the fastest way to create your desires
  • Of course, we’re going to get practical too— this isn’t a program to overcome being human. It’s about being human + soul. You’ll learn how to create blow-your-mind-synchronicites while navigating getting laundry done too. You may start sending me emails that begin with “You’re never going to believe what just happened. . .” and then remember that yes, I’m going to ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE IT ALL!
  • Plus– I’m going to share my intuitive gifts with you along the way — think Quantum Healing; you’re going to get supported with all sorts of spiritual intel and energy work throughout your entire program

“Sitting with Stacey is sitting with your best friend who seems to know everything.”

-Richard Wilmore

I’m so ready to get started!! 

You know when you go to a restaurant and you want to taste something before you order the entire thing? Yup, I get that. It’s why the first step of coaching together starts with a stand alone Starter Session– get your very own taste of coaching with me in one 60 minute session.

DETAILS: The Starter Session is a 60 minute pure-coaching (no-sales) session for you to explore one aspect of your intuition and how it can help you right now to help you make something easier in your life. The investment is $297 and you’ll walk away with practical next steps (even if you don’t choose to coach together further). If you love this experience and want more then we’ll talk the details of my 4 month program.

You’re ready. I can feel it.