If you had asked me ten years ago if I would be channeling messages through coaching, oracle readings and all sorts of other magical channels for beautiful beings- I may have laughed right out loud in your face and said “yea, I don’t think so.”

And yet God (the Universe, the Divine Spirit) laughs when us humans make plans.

Plans fuel the illusion that we have complete control of the future— and I lived in the messy breaking of that illusion in so many ways the past 10 years.

I’ve done a lot of wading around in the waters of surrender, flow and letting go.

As uncomfortable as those waters can be, they also lead to the “something better” that our mind can not imagine.

A something better for my life that keeps me playing more and more with my gifts.

Gifts that I tried to hide when I was young. That I tried to repress because my sensitivity- my intuitive hunches– my ability to feel energy deeply— no one around me understood. So I assumed it was a bad thing– or at least a thing I shouldn’t announce to the world.

Now, I realize that standing a bit naked in a space where I am never quite sure how the world will perceive me is the most all-tingle-life-in path I choose.

And, if you want to dance with me— I’m all in.

I want to know how life wants to life through you and if you are all in too? 

Cheers to all of us — here we are, showing up every day — we are rockstars, all of us.

But if we don’t wade out a bit in the waters of authenticity, the world may miss out on our flavor of magic. 

So I challenge us all to own it— our gifts, our mess, our human fragility, our magic souls– all of it. 

Have a little fun and say “YES” next time we get what we’d probably label as a “weird” or “the world wouldn’t understand” nudge.

The world will be so much the better for it!

All my love,