I so get it. You want ‘the right answer’ to the question you’ve been asking or the problem you are trying to solve.

If only there was a magic pill or answer to life’s biggest questions.

How do I lose weight and keep it off (the diet industry has been trying to sell us these pills for years)?

How do I find my soulmate and live my happily-ever-after?

How do I discover my life’s purpose and make money doing it? 

How do I show up more truthfully as myself and still have amazing relationships?

How do I say no without hurting the people I love? 

How do I live a life that feels good? Where is the answer for HOW to do this????

So, if we knew all the answers– had the magic pill– I truly believe life would be a lot more boring than we think.

Life is here for the journey, the adventure and the experience of living in to the things that matter the most to us (not just intellectually knowing it).

And, I have a few ideas for how you can ask those questions and discover your magical next step.

First, can you get comfortable with the idea that there isn’t a wrong/right, yes/no, good/bad simplicity of your life? I know. This isn’t the easiest ask of me. Think about the idea that you everything you’ve done has got you to the place already.

You aren’t broken or in need of fixing.

You are curious.

And you are willing to be curious without the labels. Labels can constrict us. Define behaviors based on the past or our fears of the future.

Instead, if you weren’t afraid of any scary things happening, what would you do in this circumstance you are pondering?

Put out all the choices. Challenge yourself to find at least 10 perspectives or ideas.

Nothing is off limits.

Nothing is too silly or too big.

Let yourself breathe in to possibility.

Invite the uncertainty, the doubts and the fears to be here with you.

They will share information with you– insight, limitations– all the things.

Snuggle up to all the potential and possibility-– meditate, go for a walk, find the place where you can listen to you.

Then, ask yourself “what is the best next step for me?”.

Listen. Be still. Be willing to not know. 

Fear may tell you that you ‘have to’ know the right answer. That you will mess it up.

You won’t mess it up.

Everything is for you– even the detours or interesting dark alleys where we go to experience our lives.

So, your magic pill— is in the living. In the asking and experiencing using your inner GPS to guide you in each new moment.

And that is the magic most of us miss.