If you stopped for a moment– in this minute– and took more than a hot second to see how you are, what do you think you’d find?

Probably hard to really stop and check in.

You probably have told yourself a million times “I’m okay” or “I’m fine”.

But I have a feeling that is a complete lie.

We use okay and fine to keep going. 

To get out of bed each day and do the things that we’ve always done— because we just have to.

If you stop and really see what is beneath an okay or a fine, there may be a part of you that fears never getting up again.

Every slight, every hint of pain or rejection, every boundary violation, every-thing that was not fine or okay– is living inside of us. 


But to access it– you would have to stop and listen.

And be brave enough to face all the little and big accumulations of truths that you hold within.

You can face these feelings, these emotions– the messier parts of you that are not okay.

You don’t have to do it alone either.

This is why life coaching is a thing. Because having a safe place to go below the fines, okays and keep goings— is a beautiful part of you.

A part that hasn’t known how to show up and be seen or felt.

You are more than just the airbrushed versions of life that the world latches on to— the beautiful pose, the big work win, the laughter with a group of friends perfectly situated with a sunset falling behind you with a warm ray.

Yes, those are incredible things.

And they are not the whole of creating a life you love.

Love invites the “I’m not okay today” and “no that was not fine”– as much as she invites the “wow, best day ever!”. 

How do you start? 

Start by giving yourself 5 minutes— in the morning or in the evening– to ask “how am I, really?”.

Listen to the answer— you don’t have to do anything. 

Bring your compassion A-game (if this is hard to do for yourself— imagine you are holding space for someone you love dearly).

Make space for your truths and see what happens.

I’d love to hear what happens when you do— set up a time to have a soulfull chat with me to share more or leave a comment below.

Love (even when you aren’t fine),