I am a Soul Traveler

I am a Soul Traveler

I spent a lot of time in Mother Nature as a child.

You couldn’t drag me out of the woods, the water, the sunshine.

I thrived talking to the trees and playing with my imagination.

I swallowed books, wrote stories and baked every chance I could.

I was in love with the enchantment of life– and I shined my superpowers brightly.

I didn’t know some of their names at the time— clairvoyance, clairsensience and claircognizance

What I did know was that I felt magical, creative, artistic.

Parallel to my world of enchantment, I also was raised in a world of darkness.   

Addiction. Alcholism. Sexual assault. Suicide. Mental Illness. Emotional neglect. Physical and emotional abuse.

Some of these traumas I experienced first hand– some were experiences I navigated through the experience of others.

I tucked the enchanted part of me away during most of my later childhood and young adult life — as it didn’t feel safe back then to be the wild and free spirit I knew I was inside.

The Way Forward Was Through

For a long while, I was disconnected from the best parts of me.

I was in survival mode.

And that was okay.

All of that trauma sharpened my energetic gifts, as I later discovered.

At different points in my life– I’ve learned the path inward is the way forward. Many times the pain within me, the filters of who I thought I should be— needed my compassionate attention.

And so I took one step at a time— learning to lean in with curiousity and love rather than with shame and criticism.

I started reading again, writing again and making space for the truths of my life experiences (without having them define me). I built a new relationship with my body and her wisdom.

I reclaimed the parts of me that felt lost— artist, creator, healer, storyteller

And I had some incredible energy workers, spiritual advisors and coaches along the way to support me and remind me that I was at heart, a Soul Traveler. Helping me to remember that I was here to share my intuitive gifts with the world in a way that was unique to being me.


I leaned in to going slower, pausing

The more I paused and got curious– the more my energy channels flourished, the more my life expanded with joy. My natural superpowers re-emerged and grew.

I began coaching, channeling messages for others and even became a Reiki Master so that I could incorporate loving uplifting energy into all the work I do. I even bring my former experiences as a teacher and a corporate trainer along with me as needed.

I surrendered to so much of the uncertainty of life and found in those moments of surrender– there was a peace I searched my whole life for.

When I let go– it deepens my spiritual practice— wading out a lot of the noise and bullshit in the spiritual communities that never felt true. Noticing how easy it is, even in the spiritual realm, to think there is a ‘right way’ to use your light in this world.

My life is a practice. A integration of the soul experience with the human.

It’s so juicy and messy and I love it— I really do.

The best part of my story?  You too have the capacity to create this type of enchantment in your own life. Learn how to release the old patterns and programs of this world in favor of your unique magic. I’d love to teach you everything I know so you can create your own way forward into ease, freedom, peace and SO MUCH FUN.

Now is the time is to live everyday enchanted.