As I sit here this morning meandering through coffee, life experienced in a global pandemic– a message came through me for all of you, me, us from Love (aka the Universe):

You matter.
All the feelings you are experiencing now, matter.

Compassion is powerful medicine today.
What would it mean to be on your own side?
To slacken the judgment (of you and of others)
and know we are doing the best we can

Sometimes our best is messy
Sometimes it’s for reals (a deep lean in to our fears)
Sometimes it’s playful and silly (yes, dance parties, I’m speaking to you!)

Write yourself a new permission slip-— one that’s never been written before
Let it fill you up with the flavor of compassion and spill forth through the tears and the laughter

You don’t have to choose either/or— you can find the place where the paradoxes and the ‘ands’ lie
I am happy and I am scared

Know that you are never alone– even in the most alone-est moments— call out to love (the universe, god, your guides)
and they will swoop you up in their arms

There is no fix, no solution, no agenda

Maybe only the letting go of the fix, the solution, the agenda
and being vulnerable and tender
in ways we have avoided until now

Come back to love, again and again
in her energy you will find
everything you need.

Thank you for the honor of sending this message out into the world.

All my love,