Meet Mary. 

She’s an incredible woman walking through her life doing what she knows.

She’s gone to college. Gotten some extra certifications and degrees.

She has friends, kids, an awesome dog.

She’s smart. Beautiful. Compassionate. Giving. Generous.

To the world’s view, she has “it all”.  

Inside, she feels a dull ache. 

A question in her head whispers “this is it I followed all the ‘rules’ and here is where I find myself?”.

Comfortable, yet more so unfulfilled in the bit deeper beneath the layers of her social world. 

Life is okay.  

Good enough. 

A voice that says “it’s selfish to want more– be happy with what I have.  There are people truly suffering in the world– suck it up and put on a happy face”. 

That voice keeps her waking up each day and doing the same thing. 

All while carrying in her heart this quiet ache. 

When she was little she had a dream —undeterred by the limits of the adult’s ‘real world’- maybe it was to sing and dance or be an artist. 

But now, she settles for this state of good enough. 

One day she takes a chance and hires a coach on a whim– thinking this coach can help her find a new job (that will fix the ache, she thinks).

But instead, the coach asks her to turn her life inside out— with truth, compassion and safety.

The coach asks “what would you do if you weren’t afraid?” “What lights your heart on fire?” “What feels like a should in your life and what feels like a hell yes?”

Mary knows the answers to some of the questions and some she isn’t as sure of. 

She spends time with herself.  She gets curious about her life— without judging herself (her coach teaches her this technique).

She practices listening to her own wisdom– and trusting it in small doses.

Magical things begin to happen. 

As Mary gives herself permission to rewrite this next chapter, doors and nudges start to appear (as if out of thin air– coincidences not coincidences her coach says)

At some point Mary realizes it isn’t about finding a new job. It may never be.

And it isn’t about fixing herself or reaching some destination of joy.

It’s about living life from a truer space of integrity— even when it’s scary and uncomfortable and slightly risky.  Because it’s also head-out-the-window-on-a-summer-day exhilarating. 

Soon, joy creeps in to the little moments of Mary’s day.  She creates them— nurtures them and has fun designing joy as an intention in the breaths of her day. 

Her coach empowers her to live on her terms— with tools, techniques and strategies that are flexible and life-long. 

This is a case study in joy– the kind that makes the stomach butterflies swirl in anticipation of life— Mary’s life.

The little moments. The big ones. 

The stop-putting-life-on-a-shelf-of-‘good enough’ and live all in.


This is what life coaching– or any other modality that aims to empower you– can offer. 

Curious? Want to experience what Mary knows?  I’d love to get to know each other. Set up a time here. 

Don’t settle. Your soul doesn’t want you to. The universe doesn’t want you to. Only a bunch of rules that humans made up dictate a life compromised– and even then, that may not be true either.  

Love Always,

PS– Names and details changed to honor Mary’s privacy