Hello most incredible being! 

What’s new and exciting or sad or disappointing? There’s space here for all of it.

I’ve got an idea for us this morning— a way to connect with our intuition.

Maybe you are seeking an answer—
Maybe you feel a bit stuck with something—
Maybe you are feeling boredom
or maybe you are excited and feeling the pings of something new

Any day, with any situation, your inner voice is here with you. She’s got something to say.

And she’s not tethered to the world and its rules– she’s tethered to you and your magic.

Ok, so what does my closet have to do with all of this????? 

Play with her this week by organizing, cleaning or decluttering a space in your home.

Move a little physical energy around– lighten up a space.

Make new room for something to come to you.

Our external worlds are energetically connected to our internal ones and this is a way to intentionally open energy for you.

If this isn’t your jam, do something small– like a cluttered drawer or one closet shelf.

There’s a message in there for you— I’m sure of it. 

Share a pic or post your thoughts in Love is Everywhere (and I’ll share mine too).

I’m going to clean out a closet that I’ve been putting off for awhile– I’ll keep you posted.

Love Always,