2021 Chakra Inspired Oracle Reading

2021 is an exciting new year– full of possibility, new adventures and bold action.

Let the Universe speak to you specifically about the next 12 months.

Each reading will include Chakra-inspired messages so that you can use all 7 of these energies in harmony with each other to create what you desire in 2021.

Set intentions, ask a question, be open to all the messages that want to be shared with you. Each virtual reading shares guidance, support and loving energy in a beautifully detailed reading and is delivered right to your inbox by January 15, 2021.

Readings will include a blend of Oracle cards & channeled messages, journal prompts & a special guided meditation to integrate all of the reading throughout the upcoming year.

The 2021 Chakra Inspired Oracle Reading is $197.00

2021 Chakra Inspired Oracle Reading