For a long time, I thought that epic determination is what makes a business successful. If you can just power through and follow the sage advice of the business leaders of our time, you will find success. Blend hard work with teaching yourself and reading all there is to know—and you will be guaranteed to make a living.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”
-Brene Brown

And that’s a part of it for sure. Yet—there’s an even more important piece. Getting vulnerable with yourself and trusting your inner guide. I feel pretty certain that many of the great innovators of our time used this strategy to create the things and companies of our lifetime – the ones that are most memorable and most successful.

Most of us were not staying up nights thinking of ways to re-imagine a vacuum cleaner (before the Dyson—who thought that this tool could be as “cool” and functionally improved as it is now?). We did not create a new way to experience a cup of coffee that felt indulgent and sophisticated and could cost us $5 for this experience.

MASTER-MINDING is a blended approach to building your business and creating the epic results you want. It incorporates the latest business research and best practices along with the magic of you and your inner navigational guide.

Without this guide, your business lacks your essence—your you.

My mastermind groups and coaching sessions help women entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses by pairing their business savvy with their essential guide (themselves) in order to spark joy, innovation and unique solutions.

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