Gold Star Chasers

I have a confession to make. I’ve been a gold star chaser all my life. I have sought achievement through good grades, job promotions, weight loss, financial security and many other deeds too numerous to list here— since I can remember. Somewhere along the way, I believed the thought that success was defined by what you do. That in order to be loved and accepted in life, you must rack up a list of accomplishments – a list that never ends.

To make life more interesting, I also mixed a healthy dose of perfectionism and people-pleasing behaviors to support my gold star addiction.

You know what? It’s exhausting. And I realized I ended up living someone else’s vision of what a well-lived life looks like.

So I stopped. I’m in recovery—so to speak. And I want to help you get there too.

Gold Star Chasers is an individual coaching program aimed at kicking that never-ending to-do list to the curb. It focuses on re-imagining what success looks like and moving self-love and pleasure to the top of the list.

Become a recovering gold star chaser:

Coaching packages start at $450 and can be customized to you.

Session 1

This session explores the behaviors and feelings that drive your need for achievement and success. What does it look like in your life and what are the results? We will explore the stories that are feeding this achievement hamster wheel.

Session 2

This session aims to rewrite the recipe for an enchanting and well-lived life. We will dismantle the stories that are no longer serving you and create a new mantra in its place that feels light and tastes like freedom.

Session 3

This session will create new practices of self-care and love that support your new recipe for success. We will make a plan for the triggers that may spark old behaviors and thoughts.