Hello Lovebugs! I’m glad you are here!

Woohoo & Welcome!!!

The picture above is me & one of the loves of my life, Dr. Pepper (Dr. P for short). He and I go experiencing the magic of Mother Nature (often on this trail pictured above) almost every day of the year and we share our adventures on Facebook (check out my LoveTips).

If you have landed on this page, I’m sending you all the LOVE that you may need in this moment.

Love for the messy lives we live, the feelings we encounter and the pure joy that can be lived
when we let go of the way we think life should be and
step into a more powerful and brilliant life that we create from our intuitive, insightful soul centers.

I want to ask you (and me) how good are we willing to let it get? 

Most of the time, we are thinking about worst case scenarios. We live from fear and doubt and all up in our heads.
That was me — sometimes still is me.

But what if instead, we let go of all the patterns, thoughts, noise that keeps us
distractedly disengaged in our lives and we invite space for love & magic?

My specialty is creating spaces that support your growth and transformation in ways that feel safe, compassionate and truthful (with a dose of intuitive enchantment for good measure).

Finding permission. Breaking habits that no longer feel good. Falling in love with you (and discovering you are the soul mate you may have been searching for on this planet).

I’d love to be one of your guides along the way — to make it that much safer and fun to explore
all the nooks and crannies of your life—
your career or business, your relationships, your self-care and your life legacy.

The world needs your flavor of magic,
and you deserve LOVE in all its enchanted and heart opening forms. 

Big, bold, all-encompassing love– it isn’t just for everyone else. It is for you.
Together, let’s create some exceptional magic in this world!

With love,

P.S.:  If you are like me and had no idea how to take a first step, I’ve got you covered.

Come play with me on Social Media or in a delicious coaching relationship.